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Confidence kids take education to the next level… and beyond!

A student with confidence has a coolness and freedom that resonates with others. Confidence emphasizes the belief in one’s own powers to improve and succeed. We identify that seed of potential each student brings to the program and we help him or her develop it while building his or her confidence as we encourage continuation and dedication to hard work, which will indeed deliver optimum success.

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Why Confidence is Important

Explore why confidence is importance is the lives of students.

Kids enjoy Confidence Programs

Building relationships, discipline through regiment and practice, and engaging youth in a way that is relative on their level; this is how you reach the kids.

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8 Ways to Take Action

Taking Action isn’t an overnight process. It takes dedication to realize your time is valuable.

Microsoft partners with Confidence YouthSpark Live 2015

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Creating An Action Plan For Reaching Your Goals

If you are the kind of person who thinks and talks about your goals and dreams, but yet seem to make little progress towards them, this is the article you need to digest at this season of your life.

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What is Confidence?

Confidence can be generally described as a human quality which consist in a person’s ability of positive self regard…

Kids enjoy Confidence programs

We empower youth holistically to ensure each student advancing to levels of optimum reach, CO partners with local business in the communities, partners and foundations around the globe to present dynamic events that sparks their mind and their soul.

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How to Speak More Articulate

Expanding your vocabulary, improving your understanding, and how to apply these methods to your daily conversations.

A Wonderful Program to My Family.

The Confidence Group has been a wonderful program to my family. They have instilled educational and social values in my daughter that will last a lifetime. My daughter absolutely loves Confidence. Thank you for building my daughter’s confidence.

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5 Ways Music can Change Your Life

Now more than ever we are surrounded by (some might say bombarded with) music every day. Rather than just letting it wash over you or soak your brain, how can you take all this wonderful music that is available and put it to good use?

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6 Way to Manage Conflict

When you put people together in a home, a school, a friendship or a neighborhood, it seems natural that some sort of conflict will follow. After all, by nature, we humans like to get our own way and we can get a little persnickety when we don’t get it.

This event is AWESOME!!! WOW

Confidence Events program is design to give students real life experience and to celebrate student success. We also believe that everyone needs a success story and a means of gaining recognition.